11月に入ってしまい…☆ ~ Oh my, it’s November! ~


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ひえ~、気が付いたらもう秋も深まる11月になってしまいましたっ。しばらく仕事で忙しい日々が続き、簡単にポストが出来るインスタを始めてしまって。結果、ブログの更新が遅れてしまっています。^^; インスタ(下記リンク)のほうへ遊びに来ていただけたら嬉しいです♪

Okay…I have no major excuses, really, for having neglected my blog site for this long – I can’t believe it’s November already! I’ve had several crazy work deadlines, and then I started posting photos on Instagram. I have to admit it’s a lot easier to work with Instagram, teehee. Please visit me at my Instagram page at the link below (I tend to keep this more updated than the blog posts now):


Nonnon new pic 1

ちょっと前に、カスタムっ子のノンノンがうちにやって来ました。もとはマラケシュ・メランジュで、フランスの作家様がカスタムした子です。ボディはフル可動ボディのPure Neemoになっているので、いろんなポーズが可能で面白い子なのです♪

A little while ago, I welcomed this custom Marrakesh Melange girl who came all the way from her custom artist-mum based in France! Her name is Nonnon, and she’s on a full flexion Pure Neemo S body, which allows for lots of freedom in movement and poses.

Nonnon new pic 2

髪は長いままでうちに来たのですが、思い切ってボブヘアにしてみたら、ちょっと幼くて活発な子になりました。(*^^*) でも、かなりのおてんばですっ!旦那さんのギターに乗っかって遊んじゃっているし…

Nonnon arrived with her full length of long hair, but I couldn’t help my urge to give her a cute bob. I think this suits her personality better – she’s outgoing and playful, and…likes to get into mischief! Here, she’s swinging off of one of my hubby’s Fender guitars on the wall…

Nonnon new pic 3


…and she likes to play chase or hide-and-seek with Leo. Talk about being fearless (poor Leo, actually)!

Nonnon new pic 4


Now that’s a good little lion boy, Leo. Nonnon likes to keep Leo company when he’s napping.

今日から10月★ ~ When September ends ~




Nospo outdoors 1


Nospo outdoors 2

タイとパールのデコレーション、シフォン生地のティアードスカートが超可愛いワンピースは、日本の作家様、Real 60’s様のご作品です。落ち着いた色のコンビネーションも素敵!色の合うピンクチュールのソックスとサテンのリボンをセットしてみました♪ このノスポは、ピンクアイとブラウンアイの位置を交換している、プチプチカスタムです。

Nospo outdoors 3

表情の可愛らしい子だけど、おでこが磨いたようにテカテカ~!ヘタすると、撮影している私の姿がおでこに映ってたりして怖いかも~。^^; 気をつけようっと。

Nospo outdoors 4


猫を愛でるミディ ~ Cat-loving middie ~




A new dress set for Middie arrived from overseas! It’s always fun to receive packages in the mail. ^^

Alicia neconano outfit 1

「Ragazza in vestiti azzurri 碧を纏い猫を愛する少女」と、神秘的な名のお洋服セットは、日本の作家様、neco*nano様のご作品です。

This outfit arrived from Japan, and was created by the artist Ms. neco*nano. She’s also known for her cute, whimsical outfits and cushion-collars for cats, all handsewn by the artist.

Alicia neconano outfit 2


The outfit is very well-made, and comes with a lace apron with flowers, a head piece adorned with lace, flowers and ribbons, an adorable kitten bag, and a kitty cushion.

Alicia neconano outfit 3

細部まで、とっても可愛いセットで、丁寧に製作されたご作品です☆ ジュノくんクッションもカッコ可愛いよぅ~!お洋服のモデルさんは、うちのリシーちゃん。 綺麗なブルーの瞳がお洋服のテーマとよく合ってます。ブルーとブロンド、っていいですよね♪

Blue is one of my favorite colors, and this outfit seems to match well with Lissy’s baby blue eyes. I also like the combination of blue on a blond Blythe gal!

Alicia neconano outfit 4


The models for this little bag and cushion is Juno, a handsome Singapura kitty that lives with the artist, Ms. neco*nano. How cool is that to have printed fabric with your kitty cat!!

ギターのレオ、三度♪ ~ Leo and Fender, once again ~




As usual, Leo gets ready for a nap with hubby’s Fender…

Leo guitar again 1


There’s actually quite a lot of space on the sofa, so he really doesn’t have to squeeze himself between the guitar and pillows.

Leo guitar again 2


Can it be possible that it’s…comfortable (or comforting?) to sleep against the guitar?!

Leo guitar again 3


Not sure…but Leo is looking quite the rock star next to the guitar!

野原で ~ In the meadow ~




Today marks the official first day of fall – my favorite season, actually. ^^

Bea outdoors 1


Beatrice (Bea) is out for a stroll in the meadows. She came across a patch of pretty pink flowers.

Bea outdoors 2

ベアちゃんの可愛い~お洋服セットは、日本の作家様、「ちいさなお針子」様のご作品です♪ ブラウスとスカート、レースのエプロン、そしてリバティ花柄のソックス、と盛りだくさんで嬉しいセットなのです。

Bea is wearing a lovely outfit created by the artist, Ms. Chiisana ohariko, from Japan. The set includes a cute blouse, striped skirt, a lace apron (with leather suspenders) and floral Liberty print socks.

Bea outdoors 3


The lace apron was dyed in coffee! How cool. The craftsmanship of this outfit set is absolutely flawless. Bea is so pleased to prance around in her new outfit! (Please don’t get it dirty, Bea!)

Bea outdoors 4


The mid-September sun is still quite hot…good thing she brought her straw hat.

Bea outdoors 5


I really like Bea’s natural skin tone – so healthy and adorable!

新学年! ~ Back to school ~


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ちょっと遅れましたが、9月といえば日本では新学期ですが、こちらでは新学年です♪ なので、今月から新しい学年になるリディアちゃん。

Rather belated, but September marks the beginning of a new school year for most kids in the US. So…here is Lydia getting ready to head out for her first day back in school.

Lydia and Rune back to school 1

お姉さん(という設定の…ここだけ)のルネちゃんに学校まで送ってもらうことに。アイカラーがちょっぴり似ているのと、ピンクメイクが一緒なので、何とな~く姉妹。ということにしておこう! それに、ヘアカラーの全然違う姉妹っていますものね。遺伝子の不思議ということで。 ← ちょっと苦しいような ^^;

Her sister (at least for this post), Rune, volunteered to drop her off at school. Their eye colors are (sort of) similar, and they both have pink makeup. So, despite their differences in hair color, I figured they can (sort of) pass as siblings.

Lydia and Rune back to school 2

リディアちゃんの新学年をお祝いして、すごく可愛いお洋服のセットを着せてあげました。こちらの制服風ワンピースは、皆様もよくご存知の、ロザリンペルレ ヤマケイ様のご作品です♪ ワイン色のネクタイ、襟元の控え目なビジュー、裾のレースやデコレーション、そして、ブライトな花柄ソックスがとってもオシャレ!

Lydia is wearing a brand new outfit for her back-to-school day. This set was created by the renowned artist, Ms. Rosalyn Perle from Japan. The details of this dress with the burgundy necktie, little jewels on the collar, and beautiful lace on the hem make it so special. And I love those bright floral knee-high socks, too!

Lydia and Rune back to school 3


Come on, Liddie, you’re going to be late for class – is anything wrong? Hmmm, maybe she’s a tad nervous about starting a new school year.

リディアちゃんの素敵なお姉さま(という設定)のルネちゃんが着ているワンピースも、ヤマケイ様作です。姉妹でお揃っぽいスタイルで♪ こちらのワンピースも、裾のレースがとっても綺麗。セットになっているバッグも可愛くてお気に入りなのです~。

Rune is also wearing an outfit created by Ms. Rosalyn Perle. The lace used on the hem of this dress is gorgeous, too. The matching bag came as a set, which I adore.

Lydia and Rune back to school 4


It’s okay, Liddie, you’re going to have great fun at school – you don’t have to be nervous!

Lydia and Rune back to school 5

リディアちゃん、元気に手を振って、じゃ、行ってきま~す!姉妹愛、微笑ましいなぁ~。 ← しつこいぞっ。

Lydia sends a big wave to her sis, Rune. If only I had such a loving (and beautiful!) sister! ^^

森の中で♪ ~ Cabin in the woods ~



Stella at cabin entrance


For Labor Day weekend, we went camping at the lakeside of a nearby park. This photo was taken at one of the hiking trail entrances – the armchairs carved from tree stumps were a welcoming touch!

Stella at cabin 1

キャンプといっても、なかなか快適なキャビンでの寝泊り。 うっそうとした森の中でした。今回のお供はワンダーフレンドの、ステラ・デノッテちゃん。 森、といったらワンダーフロッグですよね。

We didn’t exactly “rough it” at camp this time, as we rented a modernized cabin. The cabin was situated in the woods with a short path to the lake. Accompanying us on this trip was Stella di Notte, one of the friends of Wonder Frog (or Wanda Frog, depending on who you ask…)

Stella at cabin 2

ステラちゃんには、新しく調達したデニム生地とフロッキーシフォンのワンピースを着せてみました。ワンピースはsewinghause HIGUCHI様のご作品で、赤いキノコのポシェットはPetit joli manuel様のご作品。秋向きにぴったりで、可愛い~セットなのですっ。

Stella is wearing a cute denim dress created by the artist Ms. sewinghause HIGUCHI of Japan. The tiny red mushroom bag was created by another Japanese artist, Ms. Petit joli manuel. Stella is all set for a walk in the woods.

Stella at cabin entrance 2


The trails within the woods were well shaded and pleasantly cool.

Stella at cabin 3


One of the paths led us to the lakeside. Stella scoped out the area for us from atop a tree. Thanks, Stella!

Stella at cabin end

いい祝日だったね~、と旦那さんに話かけてるステラちゃん。 ←ちゃっかり旦那さんの肩に座っちゃってます☆

Stella is sitting on hubby’s shoulder and chatting – she seems happy that we had a good time on this retreat!

まだ夏の終わり ~ Still end of summer ~




Well, I mentioned the “end of summer” last time, but summer doesn’t officially end until September 23rd in the Northern Hemisphere. So…

Mango birdhouse 1


Here are some additional summer photos with Angie. She accompanied me to a nearby park.

Mango birdhouse 2

お供は、シンプリーマンゴのカスタムちゃんのアンジーです。表情が可愛くて大好きな子です。これまた可愛いお洋服は、皆様もご存知の日本の作家様、Sandy様のご作品です。夏のショップで購入させていただきました~♪ アイスクリームのモチーフがすごく可愛いっ!

Angie is a custom Simply Mango girl. She has such a cute facial expression, and is one of my favorite girls. Her outfit today is an adorable one-piece dress with an ice cream motif, and a polka dot scarf. This set was created by Ms. Sandy, an artist in Japan who is well-known for her pop and mod-style Blythe fashions.


Mango birdhouse 3


Angie takes a short break after a long walk…

Mango birdhouse 4


The view is nice from here! It feels like autumn is right around the corner.

Mango birdhouse 5


Angie found a nice spot to relax. The sun is actually beginning to set by this time.


ジャングルレオ~ ~ Jungle cat (?) Leo ~



This photo of Leo was taken on a hot, sunny day a few weeks ago.

Leo jungle cat 1

He resembles a tiny lion, doesn’t he! Leo has a very handsome side profile. ^^

Leo jungle cat 2

ジャングルキャット! アレ…?でも、ジャングルにはトラはいても、ライオンはいないよな~。
He’s a jungle cat! But wait…tigers live in jungles, not lions. Hmmm….

Leo jungle cat 3


Leo escapes the jungle…to head off to his more ‘natural’ home…which would be…the savanna?

夏の終わり ~ Last days of summer ~


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It’s already September…where did the whole summer go?!

Rachel natsu dress 1

Here is a refreshing end-of-summer outfit for Rachel. ^^

Rachel natsu dress 2

このワンピースセットは、日本のブライスファッション界でご活躍の作家様、「ブライスマンション」のナナノフ様のご作品です☆ 落ち着いた色合いの生地と可愛いデザインの組み合わせが、すごく好みなのです!ウエストバンドのうさぎモチーフも好みっ!

This outfit (dress & socks set) was created by the well known artist, Ms. Nananogh Chocolata of Japan. Her designs are always so cute and fresh! I love the combination of colors and textures in this dress.

Rachel natsu dress 3


Even the socks are cute, with the blue and purple color combination.

Rachel natsu dress 4



This gorgeous summer hat was created by another Japanese artist, Ms. “Yokkaichi surume koubou” – I was so excited when I came across this hat at a shop because it was perfect for this outfit!

Rachel natsu dress 5

ワンピースセット、優しい雰囲気のレイちゃんに良く似合ってます♪ やっぱり、レイちゃんは可愛いなぁ~。

Rachel is looking very sweet in this lovely outfit. It’s sad to say goodbye to summer, but autumn is actually my favorite season!